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May 25

Tips to reduce the amount of cooking oil you use

Hello everyone,

So we’ve learnt about how to choose healthier oils, now we need to learn how to stick to quantities that’ll help as achieve and maintain our small waists wink. The fact that you are using a healthy oil, does not mean you can drizzle as much you like. Many of us think, so long as the oil the “cholesterol free” we hae a free pass on quantity. Well I have news for you, firstly all oils from plants are cholesterol free, so it is not an issue; the issue is the amount of saturated fat, which should be minimal. Examples of oils with little amounts of saturated fats and more unsaturated include, soya, sunflower, canola, olive, safflower oil and so on.

So you’ve picked yourself a healthy oil, GREAT!!! But it is still oil, and still has 45 calories in each teaspoon (5mls), not tablespoon, teaspoon!!! So while you need healthy fats and oils to stay healthy, you want to keep it to just amounts you need.

  • Measure the oil: Now this may sound very obvious but many of us don’t, we just pour from the container into the pot or pan. If your bottle of oil is a very large one, I advise transferring into a smaller container first. It is easier to measure into a spoon from a smaller container. If you are cooking for one person, try to stick to 1-2 teaspoons of oil.
  • Use non-stick pans: As the name says, they prevent your food from sticking. A common reason for using more oil when frying is when your food starts sticking. A good way to avoid the need for more oil, is to use the non-stick pans, so you can stick to the initial amount of oil you intended to use.
  • Try an oil spray: If measuring the oil sounds like stress to you, you can try buying oils in spray cans. They are great for two reasons: Firstly, its easy to measure the quantity of oil by just counting how may times you spray, secondly, its easier to cover the entire pan with the oil, as you can target different areas of the pan and each spray can cover a reasonable area. To determine how many sprays to use, check the can for the volume of oil that comes out with each spray, and do a little maths. So for example, if each spray is 1ml, you’ll nee to spray 5 times to get mls.
  • Use a little bit of water: If the urge comes to add more oil to a dish you are preparing, either to prevent sticking or for moisture, try adding a little bit of water instead.

I hope some of these tips work out for you. I’ll love to know if you have other techniques you use, and how these ones are working out for you.


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