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Congratulations on having your Bundle of Joy!

Now it’s time to GET YOUR SEXY BACK!


Your baby is finally here, and you couldn’t be happier. As you try to get used to your new routine, you can’t but notice how much your body has changed.

You hoped that once the baby came, the weight and tummy will begin to disappear, but 3, 6, 9 months down the line, you are nowhere near your pre-baby body.

Your baby will be turning 1 year soon, but you still look pregnant. None of your old clothes fit, you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and you just don’t feel as confident as you used to.

You are tired of buying 1, 2, 3 dress sizes up from your pre-baby size

You probably hate taking photos now, except it’s at a particular angle

You want to look sexy again for yourself, but also for your partner too

Let’s face it, taking care of a baby is hard. This has become the busiest time of your life and in the middle of everything, you are trying to have some time for romance.....but this excess weight is likely getting in the way of your sex life too

You are feeling very unattractive, constantly exhausted and you just want to get your body and life back!

This is not the time for FAD diets, you want a SOLUTION that not only works, but takes into consideration all your unique challenges, because having a baby is a game changer.

As a new mum you are worried about breastfeeding your baby optimally. You don’t want to do anything that’ll jeopardize this.

You are super busy, so you don’t have time to spend hours in a gym, or cook ridiculously complex meals

The good news is that you can get your body, energy and confidence back! Allow me to introduce our 

Fit Mums Program

This is our personalized 12 week post-partum fat loss system, designed to help you shed the baby weight, get your waist line snatched while preserving your precious baby’s milk.

We provide our awesome mums, a personalized plan that takes their own unique circumstances and food preferences into consideration, because it’s all about YOU, and we totally have your back!

You’ve likely been told that you should just accept your new body... it’s a mums thing and there’s not much you can do about it.

That you need to cut out carbs from, take some special tea or pill, start doing a tonne of tummy exercises or starve yourself

All that is absolutely NOT TRUE

With our tested and trusted system you will:

  • Get rid of the belly, firm your belly and shrink your waist!
  • Get your arms and legs nicely toned
  • Have all the energy you need to play around with your kids
  • Experience less cravings and hunger
  • Lose 12-15kg in 12 weeks!
  • Get your skin glowing again
  • Feel sexy and confident again!

I want you to take a second and imagine fitting into your favourite pre-baby clothes, how do you feel?

Touch your belly, how does your tummy feel in the outfit?

You can make those images and thoughts a reality with our Fit MUM program!

Here’s what you get:

  • 1
    Face to Face Video Consultation with your Coach
    I want to know you better. Every mum is different with her own special needs and challenges and I want to hear it all from you. I want to make your life easier, and ensure you have a successful transformation.
  • 2
    Get a personalized meal plan, made with foods you like and designed for optimal fat loss! If you love your carbs, you can be sure we’ll include them! Our goal is to help you make your favourite Nigerian meals the healthiest way. You’ll get a new plan every month to ensure you reach your goal and keep things interesting!
  • 3
    Step-by-Step Recipe Guide
    There are many absolutely delicious and super nutritious meals waiting for you on the inside of this programme. To help you get them right, we are providing you easy to follow recipes.

  • 4
    Your Home Workout Guide
    Time to get toned! Don’t want to go to a gym? No problem! Do your work outs in the comfort of your home. No fancy equipment required
  • 5
    Step- by- Step Workout Videos
    Get all your moves right with the photo and video guides. It’s like I’m right there with you, doing it alongside and cheering you on!

  • 6
    Abs and Arms Toning Section
    Designed to help you tone and tighten those areas. Say goodbye to that belly and Christian mother arms.
  • 7
    Members only support group
    For most of us, it’s easier to do things when we are surrounded and supported by others just like us, going through the same struggles, and are ready to offer advice and cheer us on
  • 8
    One-on-One follow up calls
    You’ll be getting the best kind of accountability on this program. We will follow you up once (Silver plan) or thrice a week (Gold plan) via phone call to find out how you are doing on the plan, and proffer solutions to challenges you might be facing.
  • 9
    Weekly Progress Reviews
    Once a week you and your coach will discuss your results, to help keep you on track and discuss likely challenges you might be facing. You don’t have to do this alone!
  • 10
    Access to your coach
    You’ll also have direct access to your coach Monday through Saturday for your questions and to serve as a listening ear when you need one.
  • 11
    My Top fitness tips and tricks
    I’ll be sharing my top fitness tips that have helped me over the years to get and maintain results.
  • 12
    The OptimumFoodie Academy (Gold Plan only)
    This 10 week video course is designed to educate you on everything you need to know concerning eating healthy, losing weight and staying fit! It will not only help you, it’ll help you make better choices for your loved ones as well. Learn More
  • 13
    My book, What Should I be Eating? (Gold Plan only)
    Get the e-copy of my bestselling book, "What Should I be Eating" Is your ultimate guide to weight loss for Nigerians. Learn all you need to help you successfully lose weight on meals you’ll love. Debunk the myths that have been holding you back and frustrating your weight loss efforts. Learn more
  • 14
    Food Measuring Cups (Gold Plan only)
    Get a complimentary set of food measuring cups, with free delivery within Lagos. You’ll be needing them to help you control your portions

We've Got some Bonuses for You

  • 1
    Mind Reset Guide
    Rewire your subconscious mind for long lasting weight loss success. There’s only so much discipline and will power you can have. The SECRET TO SUCCESSFUL TRANSFORMATIONS is getting your subconscious mind to help you lose weight
  • 2
    Goal setting Guide
    Setting the right goals sets you up for success. You’ll be guided on setting meaningful and realistic goals unique to your body and your life and you’ll learn exactly how to reach them!

You’ve likely tried to lose the weight before, only to be disappointed.

You tried to eat healthy, you tried to control your portions, even tried a few teas and pills all to no avail.

So you are wondering, will this one work? Our Fit Mums are all the proof you need!

  • Are you ready to fit into your pre-baby jeans?
  • Are you ready to get your body back and feel confident in your skin?
  • Are you ready to go shopping for your clothes in your former size?
  • Are you ready to feel sexy and attractive once again?
  • Are you ready to learn all you need to not only lose the weight, but to keep it off?
  • Are you ready to get all the energy you need to be there for your family and still have some extra for “the other room”? ;)

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then reclaim your body, by starting on any of our plans. See how the Silver plan, Gold and Executive coaching compares at a glance


N60,000/ month or N149,000/ 3 months

  • Customized African meal plan, to help you lose weight, while preserving your baby’s milk supply. It will be designed to suit your personal food preferences, and your unique lifestyle and schedule. All recipes included
  • Mind reset guide to help you discover the mind blocks holding you back from your weight loss journey, and set goals the right way.
  • Home exercise guide with photo and video instructions. With a separate belly exercise routine if you have diastasis recti (DR)
  • Follow-ups from your double-certified OptimumFoodie Coach two times a week - one call and one chat session.
  • Weekly progress reviews with the Calorie Queen via email or on Whatsapp
  • Direct access to your personal coach via WhatsApp or email
  • We'll be sharing all our top fitness tips and tricks to help you navigate your weight loss journey successfully.
Executive Coaching

With this plan your Coaching experience is fully implemented by the Calorie Queen herself

₦150,000/mon or ₦400,000/3 months

  • An initial 30min video consultation to discuss your goals and navigate your biggest challenges.
  • Customized African meal plan, to help you lose weight, while preserving your baby’s milk supply. It will be designed to suit your personal food preferences, and your unique lifestyle and schedule. All recipes included
  • 20min follow-up video chats for support and to take you through my structured 12weeks personal wellness syllabus. Learn more
  • Follow-up calls over the phone, once a week
  • Exclusive access to the Calorie Queen Monday to Fri (10am to 6pm, via phone, WhatsApp and Email)
  • All the learning resources (the classes and books) included in the Gold Plan 

Home/Office consultation attracts an additional N15,000 (applies to Lagos residents only)

Don't want to pay online?
You can do a bank transfer to 0507947164, GTBank, Optimum Nutrition and Fitness and send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com or Whatsapp 08080471993 with proof of payment

For International Payments, please send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com for payment details

So will you be our next success story?


Fitting into my clothes I had before my baby has been pure joy! I remember when I officially became a size 12. I was at a store, and decided to try on a size 12 blouse. Note, this wasn’t a stretchy material, and it fit perfectly! I was dancing in the fitting room...and surely all my old natives from before started fitting well. My belly has come down a long way from when I started, and my husband is super proud of me. He says I’m getting closer to having his own six packs...lol. Thank you so much Odunayo, it wasn’t your plan alone that helped, it was the support you gave me that kept me in check. I’m coming back after I have my next baby. You’re the best!

The one-on-one approach on this programme was exactly what I needed. I wanted someone to hold my hand through the process and that's exactly what my coach did. I literally used to wait for the phone call from my coach every week. She wasn’t just a coach, she became a friend and I don’t know how I could have done this without her. She scolded me when I needed it and motivated me whenever I was down. Coupled with this was my amazing meal plan, I didn’t have to eat anything I hated, thank God, and I liked my meals. I got to eat my beloved carbohydrates, , something I couldn’t do on some other programme.
In just 4 weeks, I was down 8kg, I couldn’t believe it! Everybody was commenting about how trim I was looking, and I was even more excited that I didn’t have to starve to get there.
At my minus 10kg, I celebrated another victory. You see, whenever I visit the hospital and need to draw blood, finding my veins was always a chore. But not this time, the doctor found it easily. It was a huge thing for me and it reminded me, how far I had come. Overall I’ve lost 12kg in 2 months, and I have absolutely no regrets.

Odunayo Abdulai

Creator of Fit Mums

About your Coach

Hi! My name is Odunayo Abdulai and I’m a pharmacist, certified nutritionist and author who has helped 1000s of men and women transform their bodies and reclaim their health and confidence through my results driven solutions; and I can help you too!

What happens after I sign up?

  • Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive an email from us
  • This email will contain links to your enrollment form, one to book your face-to-face video consultation with me and your other deliverables.
  • During your consultation with your coach, you’ll discuss your personal struggles with weight loss, your unique lifestyle and your coach will help you figure out the things holding you from being successful.
  • Your consultation will end with tips you can start implementing immediately, while your coach works on your unique plan
  • Your customized plan will be ready 3 working days after your appointment and will be emailed to you along with all other necessary information. You and your coach will then agree on a start date.
  • Your follow ups and progress reviews will follow, and you can always reach your coach via phone, WhatsApp or email for support.

Have further questions? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Will this really work for me?

Will my milk supply be affected?

Is this a scam?

Do I get to eat my carbs, like rice, bread and swallow?

More questions?

Do I need a gym?

What if I can’t exercise, will I still get results?

Are the meals going to be expensive?

I have a known medical condition. Is this still safe for me?

Being a mum doesn’t mean you should be frustrated and unhappy. You and your family deserve a happy mother and wife, who feels confident and free!