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Lower your blood sugar naturally with Nigerian foods that taste amazing and are absolutely NOT BORING


Are you constantly wondering what to eat to lower your blood sugar?
How about the excess weight and round belly?
Do you wonder about the possibility of getting off your pills or least reducing them?
Then you are in the right place!
I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of diet rules for diabetes. They tell you to eat only wheat, only black plantain and so on. They told you stop eating bread, rice and so many other foods.

There are so many restrictions placed on diabetic patients, and it’s totally unnecessary! You only go with it, because you really want to get better
I’m here to tell you, most of what you’ve heard is false! You don’t have to keep repeating the same boring meals over and over. I’m going to show you exactly how to successfully lower your blood sugar on delicious Nigerian meals.
You can eat RIPE plantain, you can have rice, you can have pounded yam, YES YOU CAN! There’s a way to go about it, and you will learn how to do this.

My name is Odunayo Abdulai, and I am a pharmacist, certified nutritionist and Author. I’ve helped 1000s of men and women of men and women reclaim their health and transform their bodies through my results driven solutions; and I can help you too!

So the question is, are you ready to

  • Get your blood sugar down to a healthy range
  • Reduce your risk of developing complications like hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney disease, stroke, heart failure and so on
  • Reverse your pre-diabetes before it becomes full blown diabetes
  • Lose excess weight, feel lighter and a lot younger
  • Reduce the size of your belly
  • Potentially reduce the dose or number of medications you currently use

and if your answer is yes, to any of the above questions join me on my

The OptimumFoodie Blood Sugar Diet

This 12 week program is designed to help you not only lower your blood sugar, but to help you maintain it at a healthy range long term. It is based on a healthy balanced Nigerian diet and an active lifestyle. During this program, we’ll help you move through the 3 phases of reclaiming your health.

PHASE 1: Induction

Our focus here is to help you normalize our your blood sugar as quickly and safely as possible.


PHASE 2: Transition

In the transition phase, we will be increasing your carbohydrate intake and while still working on normalizing your blood sugar if we are not yet at target.


PHASE 3: Maintenance

You’ll be able to accommodate even more carbs while maintaining your results and you’ll learn how to enjoy everyday meals while keeping your blood sugar optimal.

See what some of our clients are saying:

Mr Joe

My wife says I must never get off this diet, because so far I’ve not only normalized my blood sugar, I’ve been able to half my dose of insulin! My belly has really come down too. A crucial part for me was the fact that the meals were readily accessible, and not as restrictive as what I was used to and it still worked. Thank you so much Odunayo

When my blood sugar started spiking, it was really scary, considering I’m just 25 years old. The idea of having to start lifelong medications at such a young age really shook me. I’m glad my doctor didn’t rush to start me on medications, instead she called in Odunayo to help with my lifestyle. I’ll be lying if I said it was super easy, but it was worth it! My blood sugar has been normal for months now and my doctor doesn’t see any needs for meds. I also lost 10Kg which I’m really happy about considering I was overweight.

Mr. Sotayo

After working with Odunayo, I started singing her praises to anyone who cared to listen. My physiotherapist at the time referred her to me because I needed to lose some weight, and while I tried to keep an open mind, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I lost 12kg in less than 3 months and considering I’m almost 70 years of age I was quite pleased. Odunayo is very pleasant and patient, whenever I had questions, she was a call or chat away. She knows her onions and I’ll recommend her any day any time

My blood sugar is now lower than I can remember it being in a very long time. Another major victory was when my doctor said I could stop my insulin and I was switched to a tablet which contained 2 medications. Now I’m down to just 1 medication and I couldn’t be happier. With Odun’s help I’ve been able to enjoy eating regular meals without fear for my blood sugar. I’ve learnt a lot about portions and that has helped me a great deal.

Mr. Abdul
Mrs. Rufai

I started seeing Odun when my uncontrolled blood sugar stopped me from getting my eye surgery. My blood sugar readings were all over the place. After a few weeks on my plan, my blood sugar started getting more stable and finally, week after week I was getting the readings I wanted. I was finally ready for my surgery, only to find out I didn’t need it after all. But I was glad it gave me the push to get my blood sugar under control.

Here’s what you get

  • 1
    Monthly face-to-face consultation: During the consultation I’ll collect your health history, we’ll discuss your goals, meal preferences and your current lifestyle and schedule, so I can navigate how best I can help you. This will happen at our office in Lagos or via video call.
  • 2
    Customized meal plan: I’m going to create your unique meal plan that will help lower your blood sugar and lose weight if you need to. Your plan will be created with the foods you LOVE! You’ll know exactly what to eat, what quantity and what time to eat it.
  • 3
    Step- by Step Recipe Guides: I’ll include recipes for all your meals, so we are sure you are doing it right!
  • 4
    Home Work Out Guide: Working out doesn’t have to be complicated or cost you a ton of money. This guide is going to help you lower your blood sugar and lose the weight right in the comfort of your home.
  • 5
    Step- by- Step Workout Videos: You’ll have access to both the picture and video guide, so you can do the work outs along with me.
  • 6
    One-on-one follow up calls: This is a real game changer, and is a big part of our accountability system. We are keeping you accountable by following you up on your journey so you get all the support and assistance you need. 
  • 7
    Progress Reviews: Also, once a week, we’ll review your progress so we can access where we are at as regards your goals.
  • 8
    Access to your coach via phone: You are going to have questions, and we are more than happy to assist you. We are just a call away Mondays through Saturdays.
  • 9
    OptimumFoodie Academy: This 10 week video course is designed to educate you on everything you need to know concerning eating healthy, losing weight and staying fit! It will not only help you, it’ll help you make better choices for your loved ones as well.

We've even got some Bonuses for You!

  • 1
    My book, What Should I be Eating?
    Get the e-copy of my bestselling book, What Should I be Eating? Is your ultimate guide to weight loss for Nigerians. Learn all you need to help you successfully lose weight on meals you’ll love. Debunk the myths that have been holding you back and frustrating your weight loss efforts. Learn more
  • 2
    Food Measuring Cups
    Get a complimentary set of food measuring cups, with free delivery within Lagos. You’ll be needing them to help you control your portions.

Get Started Today


N60,000/ month or N149,000/ 3 months

  • Customized African meal plan, designed to lower your blood sugar, suit your food preferences, and your unique lifestyle and schedule. All recipes included
  • Mind reset guide to help you discover the mind blocks holding you back from your weight loss journey, and set goals the right way.
  • Home exercise guide with photo and video instructions.
  • Follow-ups from your double-certified OptimumFoodie Coach two times a week - one call and one chat session.
  • Weekly progress reviews with the Calorie Queen via email or on Whatsapp
  • Direct access to your personal coach via WhatsApp or email
  • We'll be sharing all our top fitness tips and tricks to help you navigate your weight loss journey successfully.
Executive Coaching

N230,000/ month or N600,000/ 3 months

With this plan your Coaching experience is fully implemented by the Calorie Queen herself

  • An initial 30min video consultation to discuss your goals and navigate your biggest challenges.
  • Customized African meal plan, made to suit your food preferences, and your unique lifestyle and schedule. All recipes included
  • 20min follow-up video chats for support and to take you through my structured 12weeks personal wellness syllabus. Learn more
  • Follow-up calls over the phone, once a week
  • Exclusive access to the Calorie Queen Monday to Fri (10am to 6pm, via phone, WhatsApp and Email.
  • All the learning resources (the classes and books) included in the Gold Plan 

Don't want to pay online?
You can do a bank transfer to 0507947164, GTBank, Optimum Nutrition and Fitness and send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com or Whatsapp 08080471993 with proof of payment

For International Payments, please send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com for payment details

House consultation attracts an additional N15,000 per visit (applies to Lagos residents only)

What happens after I sign up?

  • Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive an email

  • This email will contain a link to your enrollment form and another one to book your face-to-face consultation

  • Ensure you fill your form at least a day before your consultation

  • During your consultation, I will collect more information I need to help create your plan

  • Your plan will be ready 3 days after your appointment and will be emailed to you along with all other necessary information. You and your coach will then agree on a start date.

  • Your regular follow ups and progress reviews will follow, and you can always reach your coach via phone, WhatsApp or email for support.

Odunayo Abdulai

Creator of The Blood Sugar Diet

About your Coach

Hi! My name is Odunayo Abdulai and I’m a pharmacist, certified nutritionist and author who has helped 1000s of men and women transform their bodies and reclaim their health and confidence through my results driven solutions; and I can help you too!

Here are some frequently asked questions

Will this really work for me?

Will I be hungry?

Do I get to eat my carbs, like rice, bread and swallow?

Do I need a gym?

Are the meals going to be expensive?

Will I still get results if I can't exercise?

You need to make the commitment, and once you make it, I’ll be able to help you succeed. Will you let me help you?