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Finally GET and MAINTAIN the RESULTS you’ve been looking for.


You are here because you want lasting solution to your excess weight

You are tired of jumping from one diet to another, trying out every new slimming tea or coffee or body wrap, only to be disappointed

You want to fit into all those amazing dresses you have sitting in your closet

You are tired of hearing people tell you, you can’t eat Nigerian foods and lose the weight

You are tired of buying bigger and bigger clothes whenever you go shopping

You are tired of this weight getting in the way of the things you want you do with your life

You can’t wait to gain your confidence back, so you can go out and live the life you truly want

The never ending cycle of losing weight only to add it back is frustrating...

Friends and even family have mocked you and blamed you for being big. Every time you try to start all over, they are there to remind you about all the times you’ve failed....

At this point you probably believe you’ll never lose the weight, you are thinking, maybe you are meant to be fat...

What if I told you, it’s not your fault you’ve been unsuccessful? 

You have these terrible cravings you can’t seem to fight, no matter how disciplined you try to be

You’ve been told it’s a genetic thing, your family has always being big

You really really want to lose the weight, but you seem to lack the motivation to keep going

You keep starting and stopping, and you are wondering,

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why can’t I be like those people dropping the weight?”

“When will I share my own transformation?”

I have good news for you! YOU CAN GET THOSE RESULTS TOO!

Trust me I know where you are right now. It was the day someone asked if I was pregnant I knew I had to do something about my protruding belly. I was tired of buying only certain styles of clothing to make the belly less obvious. Over the next 2 years I struggled to get results...until I finally did!

Armed with my personal experience, my certification as a Nutritionist and working with 100s of men and women over the years, I’ve been able to create a solution that not only WORKS, but gives you LONG LASTING RESULTS.

So the question is?

Are you ready to...

  • take charge of your body, and lose the weight once and for all
  • eat your favourite Nigerian meals while burning the fat?
  • be in control of food, rather than the food controlling you?
  • lose the weight without STARVING
  • regain your confidence and sexiness?
  • to have your skin glow, and I mean glow! Like never before?
  • feel lighter and healthier?
  • be in control of food, rather than the food controlling you?

Are you ready to start living your BEST LIFE?


This is our 12 week program designed to help you lose 5-7kg per month and tone your entire body, including problem areas like your belly and arms. You will not only lose the fat, you’ll learn to keep it off forever, rejuvenate your mind and body and reclaim your health!

You’ll achieve these and more eating Nigerian meals you love and without slaving at a gym! No more magic pills and bogus diets that don’t work. It’s time for REAL RESULTS!

See some of the awesome meals we get to enjoy.

This is what you get

  • 1
    I don’t know about you, but I love my carbs and you don’t need to give them up to get results. Our plan offers you yummy lots and lots of Nigerian meals you will enjoy and you get new plans every month.
  • 2
    Step-by-Step Recipe Guide
    There are many absolutely delicious and super nutritious meals waiting for you on the inside of this programme. To help you get them right, we are providing you easy to follow recipes.
  • 3
    Quick Meal Options
    This is for those days, when you barely have time to finish dressing up before running out the door. Our quick meals guide will help you either prepare a fat burning meal in a few minutes or guide you on what to buy at a restaurant. 
  • 4
    Your Home Workout Guide
    Don’t want to go to a gym? No problem! Our workouts can be done absolutely anywhere and you don’t need any special equipment.
  • 5
    Step- by- Step Workout Videos
    Get all your moves right with the photo and video guides. It’s like I’m right there with you, doing it alongside and cheering you on!
  • 6
    Abs and Arms Toning Section
    Designed to help you tone and tighten those areas. Say goodbye to that belly and Christian mother arms.
  • 7
    Our Weight Loss Visualization Audio Guide
    If you haven’t heard about the power of the subconscious mind, run and google it now! This audio guide is designed to help you rewire your subconscious mind, towards helping you build the habits of a naturally slim and healthy person on the outside, thereby making weight loss easy and effortless!
  • 8
    Our Highly Informative and Practical Online Classes
    To ensure you are able to sustain this fabulous new lifestyle, we are going to be sharing crucial lessons, tips and tricks that I’ve gained through my years of study and experience. 
  • 9
    Goal setting Guide
    Setting the right goals sets you up for success. You’ll be guided on setting meaningful and realistic goals unique to your body and your life and you’ll learn exactly how to reach them!
  • 10
    Members only support group
    For most of us, it’s easier to do things when we are surrounded and supported by others just like us, going through the same struggles, and are ready to offer advice and cheer us on
  • 11
    Access to our support team
    Have questions, need advice? You would get direct access to my team via email or whatsapp and get a response within 24 hours
  • 12
    Weekly Progress Reviews
    Once a week you get the chance to discuss your results with our team, to help keep you on track and discuss likely challenges you might be facing. You don’t have to do this alone!

We've even got some Bonuses for You! (Limited Offer)

We really really want you to succeed, and to sustain this fabulous new lifestyle, we are going to be sharing crucial lessons, tips and tricks that I’ve gained through my years of study and experience via these short, sweet and practical online classes:

  • How to reduce your cravings. I'll be teaching you strategies to overcome those overwhelming cravings that make you fall off the wagon and keep you from reaching your goal.
  • What to do when you hit a weight loss plateau. Sometimes, after successfully losing some weight, you seem to hit a roadblock, your body refuses to keep losing the weight even though you are yet to reach your goal. In this class, I outline how to get your body back into fat burning mode and on your way to your dream body.
  • Nutrition and fitness myths holding you back. There’s an insane amount of information out there. Unfortunately not everything you read is accurate. Infact, some false information have become commonplace and believed to be true by so many. In this video, I’ll dis-spell some myths that are making your weight loss journey lack results or become difficult to follow.

From a Personal Trainer, ALL of this would cost you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS...
But I want you to WIN. So it's not going to be that much...

1 Month Access


  • All the features and bonuses listed above
  • 4 week  meal plan and recipes

  • 4 week workout guide and video
  • 4 week access to my team and progress reviews
  • Bonus: Simple and practical online classes on ?
  • Why you eat the way you do
  • How we gain and lose weight and
  • Discovering the REAL reason you want to lose weight
2 Months Access


  • Everything in Month 1
  • 8 week meal plan and recipes
  • 8 week workout guide and video
  • 8 week access to my team and progress reviews
  • Bonus: Simple and practical online classes on ?
  • Simple practical Steps to keep you motivated
  • What to do when you feel like quitting, and
  • How to measure progress for continuous motivation

Don't want to pay online?
You can do a bank transfer to 0221626686, GTBank, OptimumRx MTM Services and send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com or Whatsapp 08080471993 with proof of payment

Don't Take Our Word For It.
Take Our Members...


I started out at 82kg, currently 75kg and this happened in just 1 month. Following Odunayo on Instagram, I could see she knew her stuff which is why I decided to join in. Plus I could see other people’s transformations and I wanted some of the magic. It’s really not hard, she has done a fine job of making it as easy as possible. Of course it wasn’t a walk in the park, after all, anything worth having, including a dream body will require effort. But it was more than worth it for me.

It’s humbling when someone appreciates the effort you put into creating something. This programme has been carefully crafted to helping you reach your goals with great ease.


If someone ever told me my belly could get this small, I would never have believed them. To be honest my expectations were nowhere close to my results, but who am I to complain. This programme has opened my eyes to what’s possible, so long as I am prepared to put in the required effort.

The meal plans were very reasonable, unlike some I’ve tried and that helped a lot, plus there was no need for a gym. It has been an amazing 2 months and I intend to keep it up. I feel so much lighter, even my skin can testify to the changes I’ve made. The entire experience has truly been life changing.


So I actually stopped wearing this gown because of my folds and big tummy and tried it on today and I couldn’t stop smiling at myself. Thank you so much Odunayo. I feel like giving you a big hug, I got a lot more value for my money. I’ve lost 10kg and it’s very obvious, people keep asking what I did. I will preach your good news about, others must enjoy this too!


I’m super excited!! I tried some clothes I had before the kids and some fitted perfectly while others were loose. I don’t think I want to lose any inches. All I need to now is to maintain my results. God bless you coach.

This isn’t just another “diet plan”. It’s your ticket to a total lifestyle transformation.

We are helping you solve the problem from the root cause, this is why this program works, and then works some more

You’ll also:

  • Learn how to reset your mind to guarantee your success. What you think, you become. We’ll teach you how to “think and imagine” your way to your dream body.
  • Experience much less cravings. Many of our clients experience less sugar craving in just a couple of weeks!
  • Learn all about portion control and choosing healthier food options
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Learn how to balance your meals and supply your body with all the nutrition you need to shrink your waistline and improve digestion.

This program is for you if you are really and truly ready to lose the weight for good.

For a second, I want you to think about how different your life could be if you could finally lose the weight.

How does it affect your personal life, your career, your relationships, your sex life?

It’s not about losing the weight is it?

It’s about the life you gain after the weight is gone

So, are you ready to gain the incredible life you deserve?

These Transformations Will Be YOUR Transformation...

As if losing weight isn’t enough, here’s what else you can expect to get out of this program:

  • Lower risk of heart disease and stroke

  • Many have experienced improved blood pressure numbers
  • Reduced inflammation and digestive upset
  • Better bowel movement
  • Massive confidence boost
  • Strengthened immune system that fights toxins and viruses
  • Glowing skin! Many of our clients have experienced a reduction in pimples and other skin related issues. Experience a natural brightening effect.

Whether you are looking to shed just 5kg, or you have 50kg to lose or just trying to lose the belly fat and tone your body...


  • Will this really work for me? This page is filled with so many results and testimonials because this program works! This program is different because we are tackling the biggest issue people have with weight loss, their MIND! So yes, this program will work for you just as it has helped 100s before you.
  • Is this a scam? Nooooooooooo! This is as real as it gets, we are not hiding, reach us on social media @optimumfoodie, our email info@optimumfoodie.com, or whatsapp or call 08080471993
  • Will I be hungry? It’s not likely. When you fill your diet with much of the junk you find in grocery stores, you have to eat more of it to feel satisfied. This is your body telling you that it’s not getting satisfied! However, when you eat clean, as I’ll teach you in this program, your body WILL get the nutrition it craves, so you’ll get fuller faster.
    A lot of it has to do with the combination of foods you’re eating too. For example, if you’re not eating healthy fats with your meals – you’ll get hungry faster. You need to fill your body with the correct quantity and correct combination of foods for optimal health. Luckily, I make this super simple for you.
  • Do I get to eat my carbs, like rice, bread and swallow? That’s the best part of our plan! It includes all classes of foods including carbs. So you get to eat the carbs you are accustomed to.
  • Do I need a gym? No you don’t! The work out guide can be followed anywhere, even in your room!
  • What if I can’t exercise, will I still get results? Following the meal plan alone will definitely get you results. We however encourage you to exercise. Because the benefits are immense, plus you’ll lose weight faster and the strength training helps to sustain your results and get you looking nicely toned.
  • Are the meals going to be expensive? This is another amazing thing about our plan. It is highly flexible with numerous options and swaps so you can find what works for your budget.
  • I have a known medical condition. Is this still safe for me? If you have diabetes, kindly refer to our Blood Sugar Diet program. That said, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any program.
  • Have more questions? Call or Whatsapp 08080471993 or email info@optimumfoodie.com

This is your chance to finally get the weight out of the way, so you can live the awesome life you were destined to live!