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Tired of starting and stopping?
Stay CONSISTENT and get RESULTS with the best kind of ACCOUNTABILITY


Have you tried to lose weight by yourself numerous times and failed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to do it all by yourself

Do you wish you had someone to keep you personally accountable?

Some days you just want to vent your frustration and need someone to listen and help you navigate your way out

Do you wish there was someone in your corner to encourage and motivate you when you feel like quitting?

You are not alone

You see, the secret behind those huge transformations you see is CONSISTENCY and it happens to be one of the biggest issues people struggle with

You feel like you lack enough discipline

You badly want to lose the weight, but every time you start, you lose a few kilos only to find yourself back at the beginning probably weighing more

You are wondering, how can I stay consistently motivated?

Because you know without that consistent effort, you’ll never reach your goal

You are tired of being uncomfortable in your own skin, frustrated at your lack of confidence

Your weight is likely beginning to tell on your health and you are wondering, how did I get here

How do I get myself out of this never ending cycle of trying to lose weight only to get stuck and get back to square 1?


The best meal plans and work out guides can’t help you if you don’t follow through, and the only way to do that is with the right accountability system

You should note that there are different levels of accountability
There’s personal accountability, the one you get from family and friends, the ones from support groups and then there’s accountability from an EXPERT, which is the highest level

So, are you ready to:

  • Finally lose the weight and keep it off
  • Get rid of the belly fat that has refused to go away
  • Get all the support and motivation you need to stay on track and reach your goal
  • Regain your confidence and feel absolutely amazing
  • Finally fit into that outfit you fell in love with
  • Stop beating yourself for lacking discipline
  • Get expert advice to tackle the personal struggles you face and have someone right in your corner, rooting for you through your journey no matter what

and if your answer is yes, to any of the above questions join me on my

Fit and Trim Program

This is my personalized 1-on-1 coaching program. I’ll be working with you personally to reach your unique goal. You never have to feel alone on this journey because I’ll be there to hold your hand, motivate, encourage and walk you through the process.

I’ll be there to empathize with you, I will be there to tell you like it is when you need to hear it, I’ll be there to listen, I’ll be there to push you!

It’s going to be me and you against fat and everything making you add weight, no negotiations.

This is what you get

  • 1
    Monthly face-to-face consultation: I want to know you! I want to hear all about your weight loss struggles, I want to know your likes and dislikes, I want to know how best I can help you achieve this goal. I’m going to help you navigate those blocks holding you from achieving true weight loss success.
  • 2
    Customized meal plan: if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it. I’m going to create your unique meal plan that not only helps you BURN FAT, it’ll be created with the foods you LOVE! You’ll know exactly what to eat, what quantity and what time to eat it. I want you to follow this plan, I want to help you make it YOUR OWN, so I’m going to put your meal preferences, your schedule and other preferences into consideration. It doesn’t get better than this!
  • 3
    Step- by Step Recipe Guides: I’ll include recipes for all your meals, so we are sure you are doing it right!
  • 4
    3Day colon cleanse (Gold plan only): proven to help you clear your digestive system, reduce bloating, and get you feeling a lot lighter in just 3 days! Not just that, you improve your guts ability to absorb nutrients from your food.
  • 5
    Home Work Out Guide: Working out doesn’t have to be complicated or cost you a ton of money. This guide is going to help you BURN CALORIES AND GET TONED in the comfort of your home. You’ll have access to both the picture and video guide, so you can do the work outs along with me.
  • 6
    Step- by- Step Workout Videos
    Get all your moves right with the photo and video guides. It’s like I’m right there with you, doing it alongside and cheering you on!
  • 7
    Follow-ups two times a week from a double-certified OptimumFoodie Coach - one will be via phone call and the other via chat.. We are keeping you accountable by following you up on your journey so you get all the support and assistance you need. 
  • 8
    Access to your coach via phone: You are going to have questions, and we are more than happy to assist you. We are just a call away Mondays through Saturdays.
  • 9
    The OptimumFoodie Academy (Gold plan only): This 12 week video course is designed to educate you on everything you need to know concerning eating healthy, losing weight and staying fit! It will not only help you, it’ll help you make better choices for your loved ones as well. Learn more
  • 10
    Members only support group
    For most of us, it’s easier to do things when we are surrounded and supported by others just like us, going through the same struggles, and are ready to offer advice and cheer us on
  • 11
    Progress Reviews: Also, once a week, we’ll review your progress so we can access where we are at as regards your goals.
  • 12
    Direct access to your coach via phone: You are going to have questions, and we are more than happy to assist you. We are just a call away Mondays through Saturdays.
  • 13
    My book, What Should I be Eating? (Gold Plan only)
    Get the e-copy of my bestselling book, What Should I be Eating? Is your ultimate guide to weight loss for Nigerians. Learn all you need to help you successfully lose weight on meals you’ll love. Debunk the myths that have been holding you back and frustrating your weight loss efforts. Learn more
  • 14
    Food Measuring Cups (Gold Plan only)
    Get a complimentary set of food measuring cups, with free delivery within Lagos. You’ll be needing them to help you control your portions.

We've even got some Bonuses for You!

  • 1
    Mind reset guide
    Learn to set goals the right way and rewire your subconscious mind for long lasting weight loss success. I will help you think and visualize your way to weight loss!
  • 2
    Abs and Arms Toning Section
    Designed to help you tone and tighten those areas. Say goodbye to that belly and Christian mother arms.
  • 3
    How to reduce your cravings (Video class)
    I'll be teaching you strategies to overcome those overwhelming cravings that make you fall off the wagon and keep you from reaching your goal.

You are not only going to lose the weight, you will...

  • Lose belly fat and tone your entire body
  • Improve your sex life
  • Regain your confidence
  • Go through a learning process that will equip you for lifelong success.
  • Improve your health and boost your immunity
  • Improve your digestion
  • Glow up! Because clearer and more radiant skin starts from the inside

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

I’ve worked with so many amazing and beautiful people, who’ve achieved so many things in their lives, overcome numerous challenges....but they just can’t seem to do this one thing...lose  the weight

If you are tired of trying and failing, you have no time to figure everything out for yourself, and you just know you need the accountability and guidance of an expert, then it is time to invest in your own health and happiness.

Get Started Today


N60,000/ month or N149,000/ 3 months

  • Customized African meal plan, made to suit your food preferences, and your unique lifestyle and schedule. All recipes included
  • Mind reset guide to help you discover the mind blocks holding you back from your weight loss journey, and set goals the right way.
  • Home exercise guide with photo and video instructions.
  • Follow-ups from your double-certified OptimumFoodie Coach two times a week - one call and one chat session.
  • Weekly progress reviews with your personal coach via email or Whatsapp
  • Direct access to your personal coach via WhatsApp or email
  • We'll be sharing all our top fitness tips and tricks to help you navigate your weight loss journey successfully.
Executive Coaching

₦230,000/ MONTH or ₦590,000 FOR 3 MONTHS

With this plan your Coaching experience is fully implemented by the Calorie Queen herself

  • An initial 30min video consultation to discuss your goals and navigate your biggest challenges.
  • Customized African meal plan, made to suit your food preferences, and your unique lifestyle and schedule. All recipes included
  • 20min follow-up video chats for support and to take you through my structured 12weeks personal wellness syllabus. Learn more
  • Follow-up calls over the phone, once a week
  • Exclusive access to the Calorie Queen Monday to Fri (10am to 6pm, via phone, WhatsApp and Email.
  • All the learning resources (the classes and books) included in the Gold Plan 

Don't want to pay online?
You can do a bank transfer to 0507947164, GTBank, Optimum Nutrition and Fitness and send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com or Whatsapp 08080471993 with proof of payment

For International Payments, please send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com for payment details

So will you be our next success story?


I’ve lost 21kg so far and kept it off for almost 1 year now. I decided to start this journey, one day early in 2017, when I climbed the scale and saw that I was over 90kg. I’ve never been that heavy, and I wondered to myself, how did I get here, at this rate, I’ll be a 100kg soon enough. I’m very aware of the health implications of being overweight. I knew I had to change my eating habits, and as faith will have it, I met Odunayo around this time. The broke down what I needed to do, and I learnt how to count my calories, thanks to her book and course. This helped me a lot, because this way, I could meet my calorie goals on days I couldn’t make my meals and had to eat out. She also gave a guideline for eating out as well. The support I got was paramount to my success....I couldn’t have done this alone. My results were so impressive, my mum, wanted in. She has lost about 15kg so far and she feels amazing! I’ve referred colleagues, friends, anyone who cares to know how I’ve managed to not only lose the weight but maintained it. There’s no going back for me, and I have Odunayo to thank for that. If you need a complete lifestyle change, be like me and get on the programme. You won’t regret it.

I was introduced to this programme by my son, after he lost over 20kg. To be honest, I was literally begging him to stop losing weight, lol. But it was my turn, I had carried the excess weight for so long and I just felt there was nothing I could do about it. So seeing my son’s results was very encouraging. I lost 7kg in just 4 weeks, I was beyond happy. I was enjoying the meals, I was exercising, which was hard at first, but I was glad I was doing it. It was like magic to be honest, I couldn’t believe how fast the weight was dropping despite my age. In total, I’ve lost 13.5kg and I feel amazing. I haven’t being this size in ages, and maintaining it has been pretty easy. The course on the whole eating healthy thing also helped a lot, I understand the basics I need to keep up the lifestyle. God bless you for coming into my son’s life and then mine. Thanks for showing me what’s possible

Mrs. Ogunsina

This programme changed my life! I’ve finally learnt just how to lose weight and it’s easy! I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve referred, because this programme is simply the best. I got to eat my favourite Nigerian meals and watched the inches fall off my body. I really loved that I didn’t feel deprived, and there was allowance for some cheat meal, lol. Learning how to make meals I’m accustomed to in healthier ways, and learning the reasons I struggled in the past were huge takeaways for me; but my favorite part of this plan was my coach! She refused to give up on me... her relentlessness gave me the push I needed to get up and get things done and I’m forever grateful. This programme has also helped my sister and cousin, following my referrals of course, and I’ll continue to spread the word! Please don’t think about it, if you are tired of struggling, sign up already and see the results for yourself. I’m a proud member of #TeamOptimumFoodie

Odunayo Abdulai

Creator of Fit and Trim

About your Coach

Hi! My name is Odunayo Abdulai and I’m a pharmacist, certified nutritionist and author who has helped 1000s of men and women transform their bodies and reclaim their health and confidence through my results driven solutions; and I can help you too!

How do I get started?

  • After you pick a plan and successfully register, you’ll receive an email

  • This email will contain a link to your enrollment form, one to book your face-to-face video consultation with me and another for your mind reset guide

  • You’ll need to fill your form and set your goals using the mind reset guide and at least a day before your consultation

  • During your consultation, we’ll discuss your personal struggles with weight loss, your unique goals and lifestyle

  • Your consultation will end with tips you can start implementing immediately

  • Your plan will be ready 3 days after your appointment and will be emailed to you along with all other necessary information, and then a start date will be agreed upon

  • Still have questions? Call or WhatsApp 08080471993 or mail info@optimumfoodie.com


Is the meal plan customized?

Will this really work for me?

Does the plan include recipes?

Will I lose my belly fat? 

Do I need a gym?

Is there something to guide me during work outs?

How accessible is my coach?

Will I still get results if I can't exercise?

You need to make the commitment, and once you make it, I’ll be able to help you succeed. Will you let me help you?