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Tired of confusing nutrition information?

Get unbiased, evidence based information that you need to sustain a healthy weight and lifestyle


This 10 week video course is designed to educate you on everything you need to know about eating healthy, losing weight and staying fit! Stop basing your decisions on false information and hearsay. To help you succeed, we offer you unbiased evidence based information to help you make the right decisions regarding your diet.

I am going to teach you exactly how to lose weight by yourself, eating healthy Nigerian meals. You’ll learn how to create your own meal plan, count calories in Nigerian foods, pick healthier food options and so much more!

My name is Odunayo Abdulai, and I am a pharmacist, certified nutritionist and Author. I’ve helped 1000s of men and women of men and women reclaim their health and transform their bodies through my results driven solutions; and I can help you too!

What exactly will I learn from this course?

Module 1: Overview of a Healthy Diet

  • ​What a healthy diet entails
  • ​The food pyramid
  • ​The different food groups, their sources, functions (carbs, protein, fats, milk and milk products, vegetables, fruits)
  • angle-right
    Benefits of eating healthy

Module 2: Alcohol

  • ​Recommended alcohol intake
  • ​What makes a drink of alcohol
  • ​How alcohol affects your health
  • angle-right
    How alcohol affects your weight
  • Calories in alcoholic drinks

Module 3: Sodium

  • ​How sodium affects your health and
  • ​Sources of sodium
  • ​Recommended daily intake
  • angle-right
    Is sea salt a healthier option?
  • How to reduce intake of sodium; Before cooking and While cooking

Module 4: How to determine calories you need for weight loss

  • ​The science behind weight loss “Calorie Deficit”
  • ​What are calories?
  • ​How many calories do I need to lose weight?

Module 5: Calories in Nigerian Food

Starches, Junk Food, Sweeteners, Fats, Dairy, Vegetables, Protein, Fruits

Module 6: Creating Meals within your Calorie Target

  • ​Spreading the calories across your day
  • ​Creating a balance of food groups
  • ​How to create your meal
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Module 7: How to interpret nutrition labels

Relying fully on the big and bold health claims on food products is a recipe for disaster. Health claims like “Sugar free”, “No cholesterol” and so on, many times makes people feel the food is low calorie. However, you can only be sure by checking the labels, to ensure you really know what you are eating. Knowing how to interpret them will also help you in making the right choice between similar products

  • ​Nutrition labels: What they are and their function
  • ​Understanding the different parts
  • ​How to determine calories in a product
  • angle-right
    How to comparing labels of different products

Module 8: Tips for meal planning and prepping

  • ​How to make your plan simple and fun 
  • ​Your shopping list
  • ​Tips to reduce kitchen time
  • angle-right
    How long foods can last in your fridge

Module 9: Common Nutrition and weight loss myths

There are common nutrition myths believed to be true by many, and acting on this false information might be stopping you from losing weight successfully, or making your journey harder than it needs to be. We’ll be looking at the actual facts, to help you make the right decisions.

Module 10: Controversial nutrition matters

These are topics that have been argued and will continue to be for a while to come. I’ll be sharing my take on these matters

  • ​Organic Vs Non-organic
  • ​Safety of artificial sweeteners?
  • ​Facts about Genetically Modified foods

We've even got some Bonuses for You!

  • Get access to our continuously updated vault of live class replays of a wide range of topics, from tips for getting your body back after baby to healthy snack options.
  • ​Get access to our Mind Reset Guide. Discover mental blocks stopping you from losing weight, learn how to set goals the right way and rewire your mind for successful and sustainable weight loss.

​Full access to a course like this will cost you tens of thousands, but you can get it right now at N15,000 only

Don't want to pay online?
You can do a bank transfer to 0221626686, GTBank, OptimumRx MTM Services and send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com or Whatsapp 08080471993 with proof of payment

For International Payments, please send an email to info@optimumfoodie.com for payment details

What happens after I sign up?

  • Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive an email via the email address you submitted

  • This email will contain a link that gives you full access to the course

  • If you are having any issues accessing the course, send an email to support@optimumfoodie

Odunayo Abdulai

Creator of OptimumFoodie Academy

About your Coach

Hi! My name is Odunayo Abdulai and I’m a pharmacist, certified nutritionist and author who has helped 1000s of men and women transform their bodies and reclaim their health and confidence through my results driven solutions; and I can help you too!

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