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Get Fit! Get Healthy! In exciting ways that are absolutely “enjoyable”, “doable” and very importantly, “sustainable!”

Total Body Transformation

Transform your body forever!

12 weeks of total body transformation! Lose 15-18kg, drop 2-3 dress sizes and get your sexy back! This programme is the beginning of a lifelong lifestyle change that will help you achieve the body of your dreams and optimal health. Eat your favourite Nigerian meals while burning the fat.

Fit Mums Program 
Get your sexy back!

As much as you love your bundles of joy after they arrive, you are stunned at how much your body has changed and you badly want to snap back without compromising your milk supply. You love being a mum, but you also want to look good and feel confident. How you wish all your clothes before the baby could fit again...in fact, what if you could look better than you did before your baby? The Fit Mums program is going to be your secret to getting your sexy back, while optimally breastfeeding your baby.

The Student Fitness Challenge
Slay on a budget!

This programme was specially designed to help students overcome the common challenges they face with eating healthy and losing weight in the school environment. With this challenge, you can be assured success regardless of your current location. You’ll lose 4-7kg and shed 3-6 inches off your belly in 30 days! It is not only doable, it is also very affordable.

Fit and Trim Program
Work with me 1 on 1

This is our personalized one-on-one coaching programme. If you are tired of the vicious cycle of starting and stopping, you seem to lack the will power and consistency it takes to get the massive results you’ve been aiming for, then this your solution. In this programme I will hold your hand through the entire process, give you one-on-one support to ensure you break the cycle, stay consistent and reach your unique goal. If you are the kind of person who performs better when you feel more accountability, having an expert in your corner is the breakthrough you are looking for.