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Hi! My name is Odunayo Abdulai and I’m the founder of OptimumFoodie

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Lagos and I graduated top of my class with honours... so yes, I’m a bit of a bookie! But most of all, I love helping people. So, when life led me to the world of nutrition, it was another avenue to transform people’s lives.

I have certifications in Nutrition for Disease Management from the Health Academy Australia, and I’m certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, US.
I’m also the author of “What Should I be Eating”, Nigeria’s most informative guide on healthy eating and weight loss, on Nigerian meals.

Through my programs, classes and my book I’ve helped 1000s of women and men achieve phenomenal long-lasting results, while still enjoying their local meals, and regardless of their busy schedules.

Odunayo Abdulai


My Story

OptimumFoodie was founded to change the love-hate relationship people have with “dieting” or eating healthy. Our goal is to make weight loss and healthy eating, doable, enjoyable and very importantly, sustainable.


The journey to founding OptimumFoodie started after I spent over a year feeling extremely body conscious and hating my body, all thanks to an ever-growing belly. I finally made a commitment to get my life and freedom back, and after many months and numerous failed attempts, I finally found the solution in nutrition, but……there were a few issues.

While my diet helped me get rid of my belly fat, it was expensive, overly restrictive, and didn’t include many of the foods I was familiar with, especially carbohydrates like rice, bread, plantains and so on. Maintaining my results and this new lifestyle was becoming rather difficult, and I was bent on finding a way that was more sustainable. Following months of research and getting my nutrition certifications, I finally did it!

I was able to help my dad reverse his pre-diabetes, which to his delight, meant he didn’t need blood sugar medications, while my uncle lost 10kg, and was able to half his dose of insulin (a blood sugar medication). The best part? They achieved this still eating their regular Nigerian meals, and enjoyed a wide variety of options. This was only the beginning! 

OptimumFoodie was founded soon after in February 2017, with the aim of helping people achieve their weight loss and health goals, while still eating the local meals they enjoy, carbs and all.

In the course of interacting with our clients, I noticed how misinformed people were about nutrition, and so, education became a big part of our solution; through my book, What Should I be Eating, and our online classes.

As we grew, it became apparent that the busy schedules of many of our clients was becoming a huge problem.

This inspired us to create ways to help them fit a healthy lifestyle into their busy schedules. From quick meal options, eat out guides and guides to help our clients exercise at home and at work, our clients are able to achieve their goals regardless of their schedules.

Still on our quest to help more people love their bodies again and reclaim their health, it became paramount that we address the true cause of their weight gain and unhealthy eating habits, which ranged from emotional eating to unhealthy mindsets that were encouraging self-sabotage.

Through the years, OptimumFoodie has remained committed to finding creative ways to make weight loss and eating healthy not only doable and enjoyable, but very importantly, sustainable. This the one goal that directs and drives everything that we do.

We are super excited every time someone joins #TeamOptimumFoodie, and that’s because of the incredible life-changing transformation that we know is about to happen for them. So, if you really trying to make better and smarter lifestyle choices, without feeling deprived or allowing the stress and busyness of your schedule get in the way, then you want to come to us!

On a final note, my passion for child education inspired OptimumFoodie’s commitment to donating 5% of its annual profits to its non-profit partners towards providing quality education to disadvantaged children in Nigeria. It is my dream to give them the opportunity to fulfill their potential and eventually make their own contribution to building our nation.

Take charge of your body with me.
Gain access to all you need to start and maintain your journey to a fitter, healthier and more confident you!

I’ll show EXACTLY how to go from where you are right now to where you want to be! And I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

I’m humbled to have worked with all the amazing clients that have trusted me over the years, I’m proud of the results we’ve achieved together and I look forward to helping as many more as I can.
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What are they saying about me


Fitting into my clothes I had before my baby has been pure joy! I remember when I officially became a size 12. I was at a store, and decided to try on a size 12 blouse. Note, this wasn’t a stretchy material, and it fit perfectly! I was dancing in the fitting room...and surely all my old natives from before started fitting well. 


I found OptimumFoodie on Instagram. I wasn’t trying to lose a lot of weight, I just had this annoying belly that was making me look pregnant. I decided to join this challenge, and I’m glad I did, no regrets. I thinks it’s pretty amazing what I achieved in just 21 days! I lost 6.5kg and my belly is so much smaller. Luckily I didn’t need to starve to get results. The group helped keep me accountable and the meals were fun and NIGERIAN; I also got to try out some new recipes along the way. I’m just happy my belly isn’t a problem anymore, my clothes fit a whole lot better.


I started out at 82kg, currently 75kg and this happened in just 1 month. Following Odunayo on Instagram, I could see she knew her stuff which is why I decided to join in. Plus I could see other peple’s transformations and I wanted some of the magic. It’s really not hard, she has done a fine job of making it as easy as possible. Of course it wasn’t a walk in the park, after all, anything worth having, including a dream body will require effort. But it was more than worth it for me.

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