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October 3

How to stay full on smaller meals


When switching to healthier meals, many of us complain that the portions are too small because we are so used to eating a lot at a time. While the “smaller” portions eventually stop looking small once you get used to it, I’ll like to share some tips to help you survive the phase where some of you feel like you are being punished!

  • Drink water before and after meal: Drinking water before the meal is very important. Drink a glass and you’ll have filled yourself up half way (it can be tea). Add some more water after eating. It’s easy to forget to do this, even many of my clients forget too, but try to make it a habit.

  • Flavour your water with Apple Cider Vinegar: Add this to water you drink after your meal. Apple cider vinegar helps regulate blood sugar and helps you feel full longer after eating.

  • Add lots of vegetables to your meals: A healthier diet usually includes a moderate amount of carbs, but many of us are used to having a lot more and too little amounts of vegetables. So while reducing your carbs, you are supposed to increase the amount of vegetables. Besides the obvious nutritional benefits of vegetables, they are very rich in fiber which help you stay full.

  • Choose high fiber foods: So foods high in fiber like whole wheat products help you stay full because of their fiber content. So you can try switching your white bread for whole wheat bread, and regular pasta for whole wheat pasta (if you can afford it, they can be pricey).

  • Make room for snacks: The smaller amounts of food and/or having breakfast early can cause you to get hungry early. It is important that you are ready for this times. A healthy snack can range from a small fruit with a cup of low fat yoghurt, vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and garden eggs that are easy to carry about, a low calorie drink like fruit infused water, a zero calorie drink, lemonade (dilute small amounts, for example half of the small bottle of Wilson’s lemonade is just 25 calories, add some ice for volume).

  • Eat slower pace: Many of us are used to rushing our food and before you know it the food is finished in less than a couple of minutes. Try to chew more slowly and savour every bite, you’ll feel much fuller this way.

  • Learn the difference between hunger and an appetite: Truth is sometimes you are not hungry, you just want something to eat. Drink some water and the feeling many times would go away. Chew on some vegetables to keep the feeling away too.


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