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November 12

Is cold water really bad for you? (It’s NOT!)


We have all heard all the terrible things about cold water, from it causing your fat to harden and store in your body, causing your blood to thicken, not allowing your food digest quickly, the list is endless.

But you know what? It is not all the time the world is cruel, making all awesome stuff bad for you. Sometimes the world is nice, and makes cold water good for you. In fact, it is okay to chew ice!!!


So let us get the facts right once and for all.

The claims about the ill effects of cold water are baseless and not backed with evidence, they are for the most part theoretical. Our body just doesn’t work that way. When it comes to which water to drink, warm or cold, the effect of the temperature doesn’t amount to much of a difference in your body. However there are situation where one might be preferable over the other, the most important thing is that, you are getting in enough water.

Let me outline the various situations when cold or warm water might be preferable

Cold water

During or after exercising- While exercising, your core body temperature rises. Cold water, can help normalize your body temperature. In addition, cold water is absorbed more quickly than warm water, helping you hydrate more quickly.

Weight loss- when you drink cold water, your body was to work to normalize the temperature, helping you burn calories! (Please note that, this can’t be your sole weight loss strategy, you will fail woefully, you’ll need proper diet and exercise).

Drinking water at any temperature can help you stay fuller, and avoid overeating, helping you lose weight. Try to drink a glass of water before and after every meal, to stay fuller. Being hydrated also makes sure that body lets you know when it is truly hungry and not thirsty; that way you don’t mistake thirst for hunger.

When the weather is really hot, and as such you are hot and sweating, you might prefer the cooling and soothing effect of cold water. It will help normalize body temperature and hydrate quickly.

When taking medications, cold or room temperature water is fine. Avoid using hot water to take medications, it can destroy the coating or effectiveness of certain medicines.

Note that is you prefer warm water, it is perfectly fine to still drink.

Warm water

Sensitive teeth- if you have sensitive teeth, extremes of temperature would hurt them, either cold or hot water. You will prefer warm water to prevent the pain.

Stuffed nose or throat- Hot or warm water can help clear your stuffy nose or throat and act as a natural expectorant. Cold water may make them more stuffy.

In conclusion, whether to drink cold or warm water is a choice you’ll make based on your personal preferences and circumstances. Just make sure you get in as much as is needed, which is about 8-12 glasses of water (approximately 3-4 75cl bottle of water or 4-6 50cl satchets of water).


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