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November 28

Can Type 2 Diabetes be Cured?

The answer is yes and no. It will depend on how long you’ve had diabetes and the severity. People in the early stages can successfully reverse type 2  diabetes, while for people in the later stages, it’s a lifelong condition that most often requires medications and/or insulin. By reversal I mean, not requiring medications or insulin.

reverse diabetes

This is partly why early detection is important. However, regardless of what stage you are, the steps taken to reverse type 2 diabetes would help you effectively manage your diabetes if you are the later stages.

So what are these steps? Eating healthy, losing excess weight and exercising.

I know some of you wish there was a pill or particular food you could just take for a number of days and that will be it, no more diabetes. There’s no such pill, and don’t be deceived by any pills telling you it will do that. It takes discipline on your part to be consistent with these lifestyle changes, and the results would pay off.

Some people are able to reverse their diabetes forever, while some are only able to delay it to a greater age. But as mentioned earlier, this is also dependent on the stage and also in your genetic make-up. People with very strong tendency for diabetes, for example, someone with both parents managing diabetes, would need to be more disciplined to escape having it or reversing it, compared with someone with no family history of the disease.

While some people are able to make the changes on their own, many need extra support, which is why we are here. For professional coaching to make and keep these necessary lifestyle changes, check our services here and contact us here.

You can also get our book, What Should I be Eating?, to guide you through eating healthy, losing weight and exercising.

What Should I be Eating?


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