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March 12

8 Tips to Start and Stick with Exercise


While many of us are very familiar with the benefits of exercising, we still can’t get ourselves to do it. We can’t get ourselves to wake up a little earlier and after a long day at work, sitting in a chair, we just want to de-stress by sitting in another chair in front of the TV. New habits are difficult to cultivate, but I’m hoping these tips will set you up for success exercising.

Keep it real: many people expect amazing results from exercising after a few days. That’s not realistic. It’s important that you start exercising with the right mindset, knowing that it takes consistent effort for a reasonable period of time to get results. However, you can get to enjoy instant results, such as stress relief and mood improvement.

Choose activities you enjoy: you don’t have to copy someone else’s routine, or the routine in a DVD if you hate it. If walking is what you enjoy, then fine. If it’s dancing, skipping whatever it is. But if you are one of those people who can’t seem to enjoy any kind of physical activity, attach it to something else you enjoy. So for example you could listen to music or watch your favourite series while you are at it. This will help the workout seem more tolerable and the time can pass by more quickly.

Start small: while it is recommended that you exercise at least 30 minutes daily, five times a week, that is 150 minutes weekly, you can start with 10- 15 minutes daily a couple of days per week. You then increase your duration and frequency as you get used to the routine. However remember to push yourself, once the routine stops being challenging.

Have a plan, no matter how simple: Firstly decide which specific days you want to work out, then pen down the exact activities you will carry out and what time of the day. However, when life happens, remember you can be flexible with the plan. If Wednesday was a workout day and you absolutely couldn’t do it, do it on your next rest day.

You don’t need a gym: All you need is a small corner in your living or bed room. Some people find they stay more committed when they sign up in a gym, if this is you that’s fine. But whenever you can’t make it to the gym, don’t make it an excuse to not work out, You can do a lot of things in your home, from jumping lacks, skipping, squats, lunges, press-ups, planks and so on, many of which require minimal or no equipment; just yourself, good training shoes and an exercise mat. 

Find a workout buddy: exercising can be more fun when you have someone doing it with you. Plus the person can keep[ you accountable as well, and get you to lift your butt off the couch on days you really don’t feel like it.

Any exercise is better than no exercise: there will be the days when it feels like the world is against you,  and you just can’t seem to get your workout done despite your wanting to. Find other ways to increase your level of activity. Walk to the supermarket to get the milk, dance with your child, deliberately decide to take the longer route to your office from the car park or on your way for lunch. If you make a conscious effort, you’d find interesting ways to get yourself quite active during your day.

Lastly, always remember why you started: whatever your reason is, to get a boy to notice you ?, for your health, flat tummy, confidence, slimmer body… whatever it is you are going to need it to you on track. so make sure its a darn good reason!

From the very bottom of my heart, I wish you all the very best on your journey to a healthier, fitter and sexier you!

Kindly leave comments on ways you get yourself motivated to exercise or how you’ve been able to stick to it.

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