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November 27

Why you should lose weight

So we are all familiar with the craze about weight loss, but yet many are doing nothing about it. No one can lose weight for you, only you can make that decision. This is why it is very important you know the specific reason you want to lose weight, so you can remind yourself when the journey seems tough. I’m going to outline the various benefits of losing weight, and I hope you find at least one reason to take it very seriously.

Health Preservation


We tend not to appreciate things until we lose them, our health is one of those things. Take care of it.

  • Disease Prevention- losing excess weight can help you prevent diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, arthritis and certain cancers.
  • Disease Management- if you are already managing the above conditions, you can still benefit from weight loss for optimal management.

Improve your sex life


Firstly you are fitter and have more stamina. Losing weight also helps increase your testosterone levels, improving your libido and lastly, you can get that pot belly out of the way!



It’s easier to be confident when you look good, your clothes fit right, and you can wear almost anything. It’s an awesome feeling from within.  I can personally testify to this, as I battled with belly fat, despite being slim. There is confidence you build from the process itself, knowing you achieved what you did, it is no small fit.

It also lets you do so many things your weight restricts you from doing or enjoying, from just getting up a flight of stairs , to doing simple chores in the house, talk less of the more adventurous fun things.

Save Money!


  • Preventing diseases saves you the huge cost of managing them, and optimally managing those that you have, saves you cost of managing their complications.
  • Buying enough vegetables and fruits to go with your meals, is most times cheaper than spending money on that pizza, ice-cream, drinks or chocolate you buy. It’s your choice.

Sleep– get much better sleep, and if you snore, losing weight might be your solution. You can save your partner that headache!

Better mood, sharper mind! – Be happier and sharpen your memory.

I hope you found one or two reasons that resonate with you, to lose the excess weight. If feel you'll need some help achieving your goals, get started on our Fit and Trim Program by contacting us here.





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