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November 11

What Should my Blood Sugar be?


The sugar (also called glucose) present in your blood is necessary to supply you with energy required for your body to function and carry out your daily activities. The sugar is gotten from carbohydrate in your foods, which is broken down into glucose. The hormone insulin, is responsible for regulating the amount of the sugar that stays in the blood.

Blood sugar testing

The problem comes when, the insulin begins to malfunction or your body isn’t producing enough, causing the sugar in your blood to become elevated. Various factors, such as your weight, family history, amount of exercise and your diet, determine if this would happen, click here to find out your risk of having type 2 diabetes.Diabetes Risk Assessment Test

NB. These factors only applies to type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes is caused by an autoimmune reaction, where the body’s immune system destroys its own pancreas, the organ producing insulin.

Normally your blood sugar should be in the following range:

  • Fasting blood sugar (first thing in the morning, before you eat)- 70-100mg/dL
  • Random blood sugar (anytime during the day, regardless of meal time)- 70-200mg/dL
  • Post-prandial ( 2 hours after a meal)- 70-140mg/dL

When it becomes elevated beyond these levels, it might indicate that you are either becoming diabetic (pre-diabetic) or you are already diabetic. Your blood sugar shouldnt be too low either, that is less than 70mg/dL, this is called hypoglycaemia.

 You are pre-diabetic if your,

  • Fasting blood sugar is between 100- 125mg/dL and
  • Post-prandial is between 140-199mg/dL

You are diabetic if your,

  • Fasting blood sugar is greater than 126mg/dL
  • Random blood sugar is greater than 200mg/dL
  • Post-prandial is greater than 140mg/dL

Diabetes is a condition with rules and for most people if you obey them you will do well.  The aim of managing diabetes, is to bring your blood glucose to as close as normal as possible, while still keeping you safe (that is, not having your blood sugar too low). By doing this, you are able to prevent or at least delay the numerous complications of diabetes. So, if you are managing diabetes, your target goal will be decided by your doctor, based on your individual factors, such as your age and other conditions you might be managing such as, kidney disease.

However, below is a general guideline, of what diabetic patients should aim for:

  • Fasting blood sugar- 70-130mg/dL
  • Before meals- 70-130mg/dL
  • Post-prandial- less than 180mg/dL

By following the treatment stipulated by your doctor, and doing your bit by ensuring you are eating right, getting enough exercise and losing excess weight, diabetes would obey you, and you can live a healthy and fulfilled life.

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