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This programme changed my life! I’ve finally learnt just how to lose weight and it’s easy! I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve referred, because this programme is simply the best. I got to eat my favourite Nigerian meals and watched the inches fall off my body. I really loved that I didn’t feel deprived, and there was allowance for some cheat meal, lol.  Learning how to make meals I’m accustomed to in healthier ways, and learning the reasons I struggled in the past were huge takeaways for me; but my favorite part of this plan was my coach! She refused to give up on me… her relentlessness gave me the push I needed to get up and get things done and I’m forever grateful. This programme has also helped my sister and cousin, following my referrals of course, and I’ll continue to spread the word! Please don’t think about it, if you are tired of struggling, sign up already and see the results for yourself. I’m a proud member of #TeamOptimumFoodie

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