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I’ve lost 21kg so far and kept it off for almost 1 year now. I decided to start this journey, one day early in 2017, when I climbed the scale and saw that I was over 90kg. I’ve never been that heavy, and I wondered to myself, how did I get here, at this rate, I’ll be a 100kg soon enough. I’m very aware of the health implications of being overweight. I knew I had to change my eating habits, and as faith will have it, I met Odunayo around this time. The broke down what I needed to do, and I learnt how to count my calories, thanks to her book and course. This helped me a lot, because this way, I could meet my calorie goals on days I couldn’t make my meals and had to eat out. She also gave a guideline for eating out as well. The support I got was paramount to my success….I couldn’t have done this alone. My results were so impressive my mum, wanted in. She has lost about 15kg so far and she feels amazing! I’ve referred colleagues, friends, anyone who cares to know how I’ve managed to not only lose the weight but maintained it. There’s no going back for me, and I have Odunayo to thank for that. If you need a complete lifestyle change, be like me and get on the programme. You won’t regret it.

There you have it from Damilola. It was amazing working with him, his discipline and tenacity to reach his goal was evident right from the beginning.

It’s important to know why you are deciding to make this change and want it for yourself. Don’t start this programme solely because someone said you should. But if you’ve come to the realization, that you are no longer happy with the way things are, you no longer feel comfortable in your own skin, you are beginning to worry about your health…then you need to get started already. Stop procrastinating!

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