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Hi! My name is Odunayo Abdulai and I’m the founder of OptimumFoodie

I am passionate about helping you transform your health and body with Nigerian foods you’ll absolutely love. I’m all about helping you fall in love with your Nigerian meals the healthy way, so you don’t have to give them up! And I show you exactly how through my result-driven programs, book and course.

If you are finally ready for a lasting solution to your weight loss struggles, I am here to help!

Odunayo Abdulai


My Story

So let me talk a little bit about me....I am a graduate of Pharmacy from the University of Lagos, actually graduated with honours, top of my class....yes I’m a bookie, I love to read!


My love for nutrition started with my personal struggle with belly fat. Now, I’ve never been big, but I was the girl with a small body but big tummy and it was very unflattering.

Almost 4 years ago I started my quest to lose my belly fat. Truth is I’ve never been overweight, but my belly....well that was another story. I got by with sucking my belly and buying clothes that made my belly less obvious. This was fine for a long while, but I was growing more and more uncomfortable, and after a really embarrassing encounter (someone thought I was pregnant!)...I knew I had to do something, something had to change.

I started some ridiculous diet that made no sense to me, but I was desperate, so I went along with it. Of course, I got zero results and I moved on. I then started working out endlessly and “trying” to eat healthy. I did this for months, but I was still nowhere close to my goal. I then decided to subscribe to a gym, I thought, may be I wasn’t working out hard enough or maybe I wasn’t doing the right workouts. Anyways, after 2 months, I quit the gym.

At this time, as you can imagine I was very frustrated. I felt I had done everything I was supposed to do. I didn’t believe in the teas and coffees so I never got any of those, and I can tell you for free, that without the right diet, the teas are a complete waste of your money; at least as far as weight loss is concerned.

Nothing changed for me until I actually got my diet right with the help of someone who knew what she was doing. In just 1 month, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I can tell you, this absolutely changed my LIFE!

I literally became obsessed with FOOD! I began to read everything I could get my hands on. I was beyond fascinated with the idea that food had so much power.

During this period, I was providing Medication Management Services to individuals on multiple medications. Many of them were struggling with their blood sugar and blood pressure, despite optimizing their medications, some were looking for ways to get off the meds. I soon realized the solution could lie in their diet.

This ultimately led me to getting my certification in nutrition for disease management. Armed with this knowledge and a lot of excitement, I started helping my clients at the time, and the results were astonishing! I had clients who were able to reduce their insulin doses by half, there were clients who were pre-diabetic and we were able to normalize their blood sugar readings. People were losing weight successfully, and I just knew I had found my calling.

As I continued coaching people through our programs, I realized how little people knew about eating healthy. Unfortunately in the nutrition and fitness space, there’s a lot of misinformation and conflicting information, causing a lot of confusion and frustration for many. It’s one of our goals at OptimumFoodie to provide you with unbiased information that is backed by scientific evidence and our wealth of experience.

I strongly believe it’s important for everyone to have basic information about how to eat healthy, so they can make day to day decisions about what they put in their mouths. And this is what ultimately led to my book, What Should I be Eating? and later on, our Get and Stay Fit Academy. Another reason this is important, is to ensure sustainability after you are done with the programs, and are no longer under the wings of a coach.

As my experience with clients grew, I realized a meal plan and workout guide sometimes wasn’t enough regardless of how easy they were to follow. Many have certain mental and emotional blocks stopping them from losing weight, causing their bodies to store fat. This is many times no fault of theirs, but until they deal with this issues, achieving long term weight loss success becomes almost impossible. This is why our programs include our Mind Reset Guide designed to help you discover why your body is struggling to burn fat, and what to do about it.

I am committed to helping people who are lost like I was back then, and so far, I’ve helped thousands of men and women achieve their body and health goals and I can’t wait to help you get started!

Take charge of your body with me.
Gain access to all you need to start and maintain your journey to a fitter, healthier and more confident you!

I’ll show EXACTLY how to go from where you are right now to where you want to be! And I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

I’m humbled to have worked with all the amazing clients that have trusted me over the years, I’m proud of the results we’ve achieved together and I look forward to helping as many more as I can.
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What are they saying about me


Fitting into my clothes I had before my baby has been pure joy! I remember when I officially became a size 12. I was at a store, and decided to try on a size 12 blouse. Note, this wasn’t a stretchy material, and it fit perfectly! I was dancing in the fitting room...and surely all my old natives from before started fitting well. 


I found OptimumFoodie on Instagram. I wasn’t trying to lose a lot of weight, I just had this annoying belly that was making me look pregnant. I decided to join this challenge, and I’m glad I did, no regrets. I thinks it’s pretty amazing what I achieved in just 21 days! I lost 6.5kg and my belly is so much smaller. Luckily I didn’t need to starve to get results. The group helped keep me accountable and the meals were fun and NIGERIAN; I also got to try out some new recipes along the way. I’m just happy my belly isn’t a problem anymore, my clothes fit a whole lot better.


I started out at 82kg, currently 75kg and this happened in just 1 month. Following Odunayo on Instagram, I could see she knew her stuff which is why I decided to join in. Plus I could see other peple’s transformations and I wanted some of the magic. It’s really not hard, she has done a fine job of making it as easy as possible. Of course it wasn’t a walk in the park, after all, anything worth having, including a dream body will require effort. But it was more than worth it for me.

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