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Is your belly making you feel uncomfortable?

Get rid of it on Nigerian meals!


Are you constantly needing to suck your belly in?

Are you tired of needing tummy belts and doing 100 sit-ups a day?

How about all the money you’ve wasted on magic teas and coffees?

When will this tummy shrink, you ask?

Trust me, I completely understand how you feel right now. I used to be the girl with a small body but big belly. The day someone asked if I was pregnant was my tipping point. I was determined to lose the belly anyway anyhow, and to be honest I did some things that didn’t make any sense, but I was desperate.

I’ve come a long way since then, after figuring out how to lose my own belly fat, I got certified as a Nutritionist and I’ve gone on to help 100s of other men and women do the same.

​What’s behind these smashing results?
Introducing our

21Day Belly Trimmer

This challenge is designed to help you shed 3-5 inches off your waist line in 21 days while eating amazingly yummy Nigerian meals. This challenge is perfect for you if you have just about 5kg or less of general body weight to lose. If you have more weight to lose, I recommend our Total Body Transformation Program or Fit and Trim Program

I have poured all my knowledge and experience from both my personal struggle and from helping others over the years, into developing this program just for you! It’s a no brainer why it keeps working so well!

So, are you ready to:

  • ​Finally wear ANYTHING you like?
  • Gain your confidence back?
  • angle-right
    Feel lighter and much stronger?
  • angle-right
    Improve your digestion?
  • angle-right
    Feel sexy and attractive?
  • angle-right
    Lose up to 5kg in 3 weeks?
  • angle-right
    Are you ready to achieve these and more, without starving or feeling deprived?

If your answer is yes, to any of the above questions join us today!

“I shed a whopping 5 inches off my waist!”

One big eye opener on this programme, was how tasty my meals could be using little oil. My soups used to swim on oil, and I’ll be wondering why the weight won’t go down. I can never go back to that, apparently the oil was one of my greatest undoing, plus I used to fry everything as well.

Just 2 weeks in, everyone around me said I was “disappearing”, lol. 3 weeks later I couldn’t believe my eyes, my face looked like I had done some plastic surgery, my neck line was very visible, and the rings were gone! I’m so so grateful. I lost jus 4kg but also shed shed a whopping 5 inches off my waist. It was a chance meeting you Odunayo and it has blessed me immensely.
I continued to use all I learnt in the programme, and I’ve lost a total of 7kg in 5 weeks!


You gain INSTANT ACCESS to the following when you sign up:

  • 1
    3 day colon cleanse
    Getting your belly to reduce in size is more than just the fat. If you have a clogged up digestive system , and you frequently loaded with gas, your belly will significantly increase in size. Our 3 day cleanse is proven to help you clear your digestive system, reduce bloating, and get you feeling a lot lighter in just 3 days!
  • 2
    21Day Fat Burning Nigerian meal plan
    Zero starvation! Zero deprivation! Losing your belly fat doesn’t mean you should be restricting your diet or eat boring tasteless meals. I’m going to show you exactly how to enjoy your Nigerian meals and still burn fat.
  • 3
    Step-By-Step Recipe Guide
    There’s no time for guess work, it’s time to lose the fat once and for all. I’ll guide you on the exact quantities and cooking method, so that you get optimal results.
  • 4
    Snack Options
    For those moments you feel perky or a little hungry before your meal time, you’ll have filling and tasty options to choose from.
  • 5
    Easy Exercise Guide
    You’ve probably spent your time doing tons of tummy exercise without results to show. Well, I’ll be showing you how to work out and actually get results. You will burn fat and tone your muscles, and you can follow it anywhere!
  • 6
    Work-Out Video
    I’ll show you exactly how to do the work outs, and you can do them along with me in this step-by-step video guide.
  • 7
    Support Group
    Stay motivated and take advantage of the amazing support from other people just like you, working on their body goals.
  • 8
    Access to our support team
    Have questions or need extra support, we are here to help! Send us a message and we’ll get back to you in 24hrs or less.
  • 9
    Members only prize packages
    Every month the best transformation gets 50% of your subscription back! How awesome is that?
  • 10
    Progress Reviews
    Once a week you get the chance to discuss your results with our team, to help keep you on track and discuss likely challenges you might be facing. You don’t have to do this alone!


I really want you to succeed, so I’m offering the following resources completely free, but only for a limited period of time. So I wouldn’t procrastinate if I were you.

  • 1
    Mind Reset Guide
    Rewire your subconscious mind for long lasting weight loss success. There’s only so much discipline and will power you can have. The SECRET TO SUCCESSFUL TRANSFORMATIONS is getting your subconscious mind to help you lose weight; it triggers your body processes that control your cravings and metabolic rate.

    Your subconscious mind has the power to keep you fat, no matter what you do. So it crucial that you get in the right place, where it believes helping get slim is truly the best thing for you. You are what you feed your mind...and this guide is providing all you need to make weight loss a lot easier.
  • 2
    How to reduce bloating (Video class)
    Excess gas in your belly is a common barrier to a flat belly. Learn the causes and how to overcome this issue this in this class.

Total value of this program is N57,000
But you can enroll today at just N15,000!
Save N42,000

Every day as you get dressed, you can’t but notice your protruding belly and wonder if and when it’ll ever go away...you probably want to just ignore it because it make you unhappy

But it doesn’t have to be that way...

Imagine what you really want your belly to look like, how does it feel when you touch it...which kind of clothes can you imagine yourself wearing? How fabulous and confident do you feel?

That picture you are imagining can be a reality, if you are ready to put in the required effort. I can’t lie to you and tell you it is super easy. Just drinking one tea or the other just doesn’t work, if it was that easy you everyone’s belly will be flat and hot!


But if you are ready for me to help you with a solution that actually works, I can assure you that your effort will be more than worth it! I’ve taken the pain to make this program as easy to follow as possible alongside the necessary support to keep you on track and motivated.

So the question is...

How long do you want to remain unhappy about your body?

How long will you keep saying next week or next month?

The truth is the time is never perfect.  There’s always a reason why “right now” isn’t so great and if you keep giving yourself those excuses, nothing changes!

See what these Clients had to say


“I lost 6.5kg in just 21 days and I didnt need to starve!”

I found OptimumFoodie on Instagram. I wasn’t trying to lose a lot of weight, I just had this annoying belly that was making me look pregnant. I decided to join this challenge, and I’m glad I did, no regrets. I thinks it’s pretty amazing what I achieved in just 21 days! I lost 6.5kg and my belly is so much smaller. Luckily I didn’t need to starve to get results. The group helped keep me accountable and the meals were fun and NIGERIAN; I also got to try out some new recipes along the way. I’m just happy my belly isn’t a problem anymore, my clothes fit a whole lot better.


“My annoying back fat is finally gone!”

From my picture you can see I didn’t necessarily have a big belly, but my fat was storing in my back instead. I didn’t understand it and it was really annoying. When I decided to register for this programme, Odunayo assured me they’ll disappear, and she was right! 3 weeks was all it took and the lines were gone. I lost just 4kg, but it’s all I needed to lose. People in my office started asking what I was doing to lose the weight, it made me so happy that others could see the difference too. The plan was very flexible with lots of alternatives, and with the right support I was able to work out something sustainable for me. I really appreciate you Odunayo, God bless you.


"63kg to 57.8kg in 3 weeks!"

I’m sincerely grateful to have been part of this programme. Even though it wasn’t the best time for me as at when I joined in, I still lost a reasonable amount of weight and my belly can testify to it, so I’m very happy. I started at 63kg and now 57.8kg and I lost 1-2 inches in different parts of my body. Thank you and God bless you Odun.

All I’m asking for 3 weeks. What do you have to lose?

Think about how you could look and feel 3 weeks from now with your waist 3 -5 inches smaller.

This program is filled with everything you need to not only lose the belly fat and regain your confidence, but to truly nourish your body in ways you never have.

Odunayo Abdulai

Creator of 21Day Belly Trimmer

About your Coach

Hi! My name is Odunayo Abdulai and I’m a pharmacist, certified nutritionist and author who has helped 1000s of men and women transform their bodies and reclaim their health and confidence through my results driven solutions; and I can help you too!

I’m tired of carrying this excess belly fat, how do I lose it?

  • Once you successfully sign up using the button above, you’ll receive an email via the email address you submitted

  • The email will include the links to download your meal and exercise plans, as well as your bonuses, the mind reset guide and class on how to reduce bloating.

  • The email will also include a link to an introductory video that will detail how to get the best out of this programme and the link to the support group on Facebook

  • If you have any questions or having trouble with anything, just send us an email or Whatsapp message and we’ll get back to you in 24hrs or less.

Still have questions? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Will this really work for me?

Is this a scam?

Will I be hungry?

Do I get to eat my carbs, like rice, bread and swallow?

What if I can’t exercise, will I still get results?

Are the meals going to be?

I have a known medical condition. Is this still safe for me?

Have more questions?

It’s time to make the body and the life you deserve a reality